Our technology

The retina is formed from the same cells as the brain and is therefore an integral part of the central nervous system. Effects of abnormalities in the structure and/or functioning of the brain can be detected in the retina.

diaMentis is developing a tool to aid in the diagnosis of mental health disorders from specific biosignatures in the retina. It should help clinicians to perform a faster and more accurate diagnosis and to more easily evaluate the choice of a treatment.

A “Software as a Medical Device” to support earlier diagnosis

The term “Software as a Medical Device” (SaMD) is defined by the FDA as a software intended to be used for medical purposes without being part of a hardware medical device.

diaMentis technology platform is based on an SaMD used in combination with commercially available ERG devices that are licensed for sale in their respective countries.

Acquisition of required information

Clinical data and patient ERG

Analysis process and interpretation

Algorithms, computation engine, prediction models, artificial intelligence

Database, prediction criteria

Results sent to referring physicians

Analysis report, classification and differentiation between pathologies